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Rough and Tough Looks with Travis Scott X Air Jordan Sneakers

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With the fourth edition of Nike and Travis Scott collaboration fans can now have a real rough and tough sneakers. You get them at Nike SNKRS and other select retail stores all around the world. Launched during Travis Scott’s Grammy Awards performance and also on his birthday this is indeed a must watch out shoes from Nike. It is also one of the most watched out for shoes currently and there is a huge rush of buyers.

The shoes if you look at it is made of quality materials and woven with utmost precision. It is sturdy because of its leather as well as the famous Nike swoosh that is perhaps been Nike’s way to put its signature as you may find out. The shoe has been released with an assortment of things that are equally amazing. These were track jackets, track pants, Hoodies and tees.

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Features that Really Amazes you

The new Nike Air Jordan is really amazing as it looks are just class apart from several of its competitors as my friend Robs told me. You may find the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 comes with the standard outsole that is actually dark brown in color. You may also find that the midsole of creamy white color as are standard with all Air Jordan kinds. Naturally for Robs this was just what he wanted and he bought a pair from online store.

The body of the shoe is unique in the sense that it comes with brown nubuck and white leather material. It isn’t surprising that the contrast is at once appealing to youngsters, says he. Again, the most eye-turning aspect of it all is the swoosh sign that is huge and very conspicuous. You may get the pictures of affordable new sneakers Air jordan 1 prime asia de aj1 travis scott X jordan cheap prices so that you may place your order and get them delivered the way Robs did.

Just in case you feel like identifying the right ones from fake ones then you may be able to locate the Cactus Jack logo printed just behind the Nike swoosh. All these make the shoes really interesting and one with greater variety in looks too.

If you explore a bit with this shoe, as Robs demonstrated to me, then you will at once notice the heels and the ankle are better covered to withstand any quick assault on the ground. You will find that there is a hidden pouch at the heel area and it is connected with the Velcro. You may hide few things here. You may also find off white range of the same brand namely nike x off white dunk low shoes equally fabulous.

To tell the truth I too started to plan to get a pair for myself as they were indeed high performing and best for trekking in rough terrains.

Superb Packaging for a Great Shoe

You get the sneakers delivered in highly tempting packaging. In fact, you get Nike Air Jordan in a brown box with Nike logo printed on it in red color. You will find as you open up that there are 4 different types of logos and this includes, Air Jordan, Nike Air, Cactus Jack Face and Cactus Jack Words.

Along with the shoes you also get 4 extra sets of laces in case you find them interesting and would like some change in design. These are brown, red, pink and white. Just as the Nike brand name you rarely would find any trouble with them. They really give you nice springing affect as well as it is really comfortable.

Overall the Nike stuff does it again and this time around there are a few interesting features added to the shoes. Yet you may not find much out of the way functions as such and the company it seems has been consolidating on its technology without taking much risk. You may find that the Nike in-built structure is great and should last for a long time as my friend Robs told me. He says that I may even find a down to earth type like air jordan 1 fearless footlocker to keep me fit while jogging or walking.