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Best 5 Power Connector Manufacturers


Numerous power connectors are crucial in ensuring safe and reliable coupling for different electrical devices and systems. These types of connectors absorb power from a source to deliver it to a device or system continuously. The SLOT connector is known as one of the most versatile and efficient types of power connectors available.

SLOT Power connectors

The SLOT connector, also called the slotted power connector, is extensively used in different industries as it has special design features. This category consists of slots that allow easy insertion and removal of the power cable. The slot design ensures that the connection remains firm while also preventing any inadvertent disconnections that could result in an unstable supply of electricity.

Benefits of using SLOT connectors

One major advantage when using such SLOT connectors is their flexibility. They come in various sizes, configuration options and current ratings hence can be used for many applications. Whichever your specific requirement for an industrial machine’s power connector, consumer electronics, or even vehicle systems there exists a SLOT connector designed just for you.

Power Connector Manufacturers’ Role

Manufacturing high-quality connectors is the main role of power connector manufacturers. These are firms that specifically deal with designing and making power connectors in accordance with strict industry guidelines. They employ advanced technologies and materials for their products to be durable, reliable, and safe.

How to Choose a Power Connector Manufacturer

There are some factors to consider before you choose a Power Connector manufacturer. Look for a manufacturer who has proven itself by delivering quality connectors that satisfy the required industry standards. Check if they have certifications from recognized organizations like ISO as an assurance of quality commitment.

The other factor that you should keep in mind is customer support and after-sales services offered by the manufacturer. A dependable manufacturer should offer warranties, and technical advice and have a helpful customer service team that can address any concerns or inquiries on time so as to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Here are the Best 5 Power Connector Manufacturers.

1, Dongguan Shuoping Electronics Co., Ltd



Established in 2015, Dongguan Shuoping Electronics Co., Ltd. swiftly expanded its operations with the establishment of a manufacturing factory in 2017, specializing in connector research, development, and production. Presently, the factory spans an impressive 8000 square meters and boasts state-of-the-art equipment including 8 new gantry type punches, 4 imported new KYORI elbow type punches from Japan, and 6 imported new Japanese precision high-speed injection molding machines. Additionally, the facility is equipped with 60 fully automatic assembly machines and 50 fully automatic CCD inspection and packaging machines, with fixed assets exceeding 30 million. With over 120 employees, including 5 senior product development engineers, 2 automation machine designers, 20 quality personnel, and 15 management personnel, Dongguan Shuoping Electronics is poised for continued success and innovation in the field of connector manufacturing.

2, Mouser Electronics



Mouser Electronics, established in 1964, stands as a distinguished global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, representing over 1,200 industry-leading manufacturer brands. As the company celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, it continues to specialize in swiftly introducing the latest products and technologies, catering to the needs of design engineers and buyer communities. With 28 offices spread worldwide, Mouser conducts business in 23 different languages and 34 currencies, ensuring seamless communication and transactions across diverse regions. Its global distribution center boasts state-of-the-art wireless warehouse management systems, facilitating round-the-clock order processing and near-perfect pick-and-ship operations. Committed to efficiency and excellence, Mouser Electronics remains a trusted partner in the electronic components industry, serving customers with unparalleled service and support.

Heavy Duty Power Connectors 24B INOX (Stainless Steel) Cover for Housing, Double Lever

Heavy Duty Power Connectors 24B INOX (Stainless Steel) Cover for Hood

3, Anhui Xinsen Instrument Cable Co., Ltd



At XINSEN, our ethos transcends mere employment; it’s about fostering a vibrant community. We cherish every member of our team and endeavor to cultivate an environment of support and inclusivity, where everyone finds a sense of belonging. Much like a tightly-knit family, we collaborate harmoniously toward shared objectives, extend unwavering support during trials, and revel in collective achievements. At XINSEN, it’s not just about work; it’s about forging meaningful connections, nurturing personal growth, and collectively contributing to a culture of camaraderie and fulfillment. Together, we thrive as a community, united in purpose and bound by our shared values.

PVC Cabel connector

PVC Cable Connector-DC type




Founded in 1990, CIXI KEFA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a pioneering manufacturer specializing in the development, mass production, and branding sales of electronic components, notably Terminal blocks, connectors, and precision molds. Spanning an impressive area of 15000 square meters with a building area of 25000 square meters, our company employs over 500 dedicated professionals, including a research and development team of 50 experts. Our robust infrastructure includes specialized departments such as the R&D center, Mould workshop, and Auto-tapping and Auto assembly units. Equipped with cutting-edge technology like the CIMS system and high-precision devices such as Mitsubishi, our facilities ensure meticulous craftsmanship in injection, punching, die casting, and cutting processes. Additionally, we prioritize competitiveness through quality enhancement and cost reduction, leveraging computerized workflows and automated production techniques. At CIXI KEFA ELECTRONICS, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceeding customer expectations in the electronic components industry.


KQ-012-FC Inserts




Established in 2005, TXGA stands as a forward-thinking leader in industrial connector manufacturing. Our unwavering dedication lies in providing connector products tailored to diverse applications, alongside technology-oriented customized services for the industrial electronic technology sector.

With an impressive portfolio of 71 patent certifications and various qualification accolades including ISO13485 for medical device system certification, IATF16949 for automotive quality system certification, and ISO9001 for quality management system certification, we ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability. Leveraging our exceptional research and development capabilities, we continuously innovate to deliver reliable connection solutions for high-precision industries such as energy, automotive, and telecommunications. With a global presence, we are committed to serving customers worldwide with excellence and professionalism.

M5 circular connector

Micro D connector