The Top 11 Commercial Microbrewery Manufacturers 2020

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There has been a phenomenal growth in number of microbreweries and craft breweries over the years. Consumer trend suggests that people are more interested to try out newer and specialist beer than traditional mass produced beer of International fame. It is true that industry standards have included microbreweries with only 15000 barrels per year while for craft brewery it is 6 million gallons or less while for large scale macro brewery it is more than 6 million gallons per year yet these limitations have never been taken seriously in the competitive market.

It is therefore quite difficult to name best Commercial Microbrewery for the current year yet some names have prominently have plans to make best of the already competitive market. In fact, in USA there are several quality breweries that brew beer as microbrewery and craft beer. On the international front although large international brands are doing good business yet their business is getting chipped away by these smaller brands.

Top 11 Microbrewery Brands in USA

It is rather not apt to mention the names of microbrewery companies as they are always crossing the limits set by authorities to call themselves a microbrewery or macro brewery. There are dozens of very good companies yet a few names may just about make it for a list of 12 for the very sake of it.
You may find that among the dozens excellent beer manufacturers in US alone and some names as hereunder.

NO. 1# – DEGONG Brewery Equipment Factory

Company Website:

DEGONG is a large manufacturer of beer brewing equipment. Dedicate to beer equipment, beer fermentation equipment, beer bottling machine, beer keg filling machine, beer filter machine, wine production equipment, wine fermentation tank, pasteurizing equipment, water treatment equipment, steam boiler and so on. Provide the total solution to customer from designing, consulting, product to project implementation.

DEGONG was established at 2009, and this company is world-renowned for professional beer equipment manufacturing and wine equipment manufacturing. We research and develop beer brewing system and beer bottling machine independently from 2012, and this company has developed overseas market successfully.

NO. 2# – Boston Beer Company

Company website:

In 1984, Jim Koch discovered his great-great grandfather’s recipe for Louis Koch Lager in his father’s attic. Looking to follow his family’s passion for brewing, Jim brewed the recipe in his kitchen with the hopes of challenging the status quo in the American beer industry. He started by introducing American drinkers to craft-brewed beers that were full-flavored, balanced, and complex, and brewed with quality ingredients.

NO. 3# – DG. Yuengling & Son

Company website:

The story of Yuengling is the story of the American Spirit. It’s a tale of shared dreams, individual tenacity and an unwavering dedication to standards of quality. Like many American stories it starts amid the dreams of countless young immigrants looking for opportunity and emerges from the strength and will of one family determined to build their legacy in a new country. The story of America’s Oldest Brewery began when David G. Yuengling arrived from Wuerttemberg Germany to settle in the sleepy, coal-mining town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

NO. 4# – Seirra Nevada Brewing Company

Company website:

This company shooks things up in the ’80s, and it helped launch a beer revolution that’s in full force today. They keep pushing boundaries, whether that’s in the brewhouse, with sustainability, or in the great outdoors.
Ken Grossman started Sierra Nevada with a hand-built brewhouse and the odds stacked against him. In 1980, that patchwork of pipes, pumps and tanks began making beers that forever changed the course of American craft brewing.

NO. 5# – New Belgium Brewing Company

Company website:

It’s been nearly 30 years since a social worker and a homebrewer took the first steps in building New Belgium, a brewery that helped fuel the rise of craft beer. How’d it happen? Let’s take a trip. A bike trip through Belgium in 1988 inspired a young couple to launch New Belgium Brewing Co., bringing the flavors of centuries-old Belgian beer styles to the little town of Fort Collins, Colo.

NO. 6# – Gambrius

Company website:

The Gambrinus Company is a family-owned company located in San Antonio, Texas. Gambrinus is best known for selling and marketing Shiner Beers, all of which are brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, throughout the United States. Gambrinus also sells and markets beers from the Trumer Brewery in Berkeley, California.

NO. 7# – Bells Brewery Inc

Company website:

After attending Kalamazoo College, Larry begins working at the original Sarkozy Bakery where he gains an interest in yeast and fermentation. Soon after, Larry starts brewing his own beer and sees an opportunity. Larry opens his homebrew supply store, a precursor to the brewery, on Burdick St. in downtown Kalamazoo, under the name Kalamazoo Brewing Supply Co.
Brewing with a 15-gallon soup pot, Larry Bell sold his first commercial beer on this date in 1985, and more …

NO. 8# – Brooklyn Brewery

Company website:

The Brooklyn Brewery started with a dream to return brewing to Brooklyn, once a powerhouse of American beer production. Today our beers travel to more than half the United States and over thirty countries. Our James Beard Award-winning Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team brew everything from classic styles to bold experiments and collaborate with brewers, innovators and artists from around the globe. We’ve met wonderful people in remarkable places, and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s next.

NO. 9# – Sweet Water Brewing Co,

Company website:

SweetWater brewery has been makin’ tasty brews in the heart of the south since 1997. What started as a pipe dream of two college buddies has turned into a dream job full of great adventures and lip-smackin’ beers. What would you expect from a couple of boys with more of a hankering for beers than for books.

NO. 10# – Great Lakes Brewing Co,

Company website:

Two Irish brothers with limited brewing experience. A city that shuttered its last production brewery in the early 80s. A neighborhood in serious need of a facelift. In 1986 when Patrick and Daniel Conway opened their fledgling operation in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, the odds were stacked against them. Fortunately, they surrounded themselves with a staff of passionate, knowledgeable people, and from the start committed themselves to bringing a sophisticated, diverse selection of craft beer to their home state. Two decades, multiple awards, and a whole lot of stories later, Pat and Dan Conway celebrate over two decades of brewing exceptional beer for their adventurous and discerning customers.

NO. 11# – Shipyard Brewing Co, Portland

Company website:

Shipyard Brewing Company is a family owned brewery – rooted in tradition and brimming with innovation. Our award-winning beer is handcrafted by our team of brewers who learned their art from world-renowned master brewer, Alan Pugsley. This company is committed to cultivating a new generation of creative, passionate brewers. This team is constantly exploring innovative and diverse styles of beer through our pilot system at our Portland brewery and our 7-barrel system at Federal Jack’s Brew Pub in Kennebunk Harbor.

In order to produce great beer the above companies have some of best Brewing Systems Equipment in the world too. You may find others vying for top position in USA yet as far as craft beer or microbrewery is concerned the whole manufacturing process is carried out for limited consumers. Naturally, the beer cost too goes up unlike those produced by macro breweries, the world over.

Which Beer Tastes Best

It is quite natural that consumers decide which beer tastes best. However, for microbrewery and craft brewery brewing is an art and therefore they stand to gain most by producing a distinctive taste for their beer. Since, consumers are going headlong for such unique tasteful beers, the future for craft beer with modern quality Brewing Systems is very promising in the year 2020.

If one is to take top selling microbreweries and craft breweries installations then each country in particular Asian countries would have their own range of specialist beer products. It is also seen that the Asian beer market is also gearing up for supply of top quality beer in the overseas market at relatively cheaper prices too.