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PV Tracking System – Solar PV Systems Explained


Systems for tracking solar energy are an ideal method of maximizing the effectiveness that solar panel systems can offer. They track the sun’s movements across the sky. Depending on the model of system used, the amount of the energy output from solar panels could increase from 25% to up to 45%. PV Tracking System can be installed easily and require little or no maintenance based on the type of solar trackers that are installed.

Types of Solar Trackers

The passive trackers (Thermally powered). They are affordable and very reliable since they do not require electrical components. They’re thermally powered and utilize an extremely low boiling point fluid (Freon 12). The fluid is driven from the other side via sunlight’s heat that vaporizes the liquid, which drives the hydraulic dampers , which can be used to regulate the trackers’ movement. Passive trackers are most effective in areas where sunlight is plentiful. They are less effective in windy and cold places. They have disadvantages, such as the need of solar energy, making it unsuitable during winter. It also takes about approximately an hour in the early morning to warm the system enough to be able to run. Another issue is that it tracks the sun’s east west axes. It does not follow the seasonal north to south movement that the sun makes. This leads to manual adjustments each year, at a minimum, four times to account for seasonal variations.

Active Trackers (Electrically operated). These are devices with mechanization that require regular maintenance. Active trackers make use of the power of motors as well as gear train that guide the tracker in the direction of an operator that reacts to direction of the sun. They are highly precise when measuring the sun’s. Dual axis trackers follow the sun’s motion from east to west , and the seasonal changes that occur along the north-south axis. This photovoltaic (PV) arrays are in a straight line with sunlight’s direction. The trackers do not depend on temperature, so they can effectively function even in winter days. The main issue with tracking devices that operate is constant maintenance needed to operate them.

Solar trackers are a great method of making the most from solar panels. Pick the solar tracker that is going to be the most effective for your region of the location. Trackers that are thermally or passively operated are the most efficient when you live in a region that is temperate and has lots of sunshine. On the other hand electronic or active trackers are the most effective option in colder climates as well as cold winters.

Whichever system is selected and you decide to use, it is useful and practical to install a solar panel on any PV system, if it is affordable.

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