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Automate Your Production Process With 420×520 (T16) Automatic Casting Molding Machine


Running a manufacturing company is no joke, especially if you have tons of things to manage. But I am glad, I have the most amazing automatic casting molding machine to get me through the production process.

I recently got a new molding machine for my company from Castking, a China-based company that specializes in automatic casting molding machines, and more. I am not lying, but it is by far the best investment I made.

If you also own a manufacturing company, and looking for an automatic casting molding machine, I have the best suggestion waiting for you. So, let’s begin!

automatic casting molding machine



420×520 (T16) Automatic Casting Molding Machine is great for manufacturing small castings. After using it for a month, I can tell that it delivers excellent speed and production efficiency. Now for the features, check out the pointers below.


Fully Automatic


The most amazing thing about this casting molding machine is that it is fully automatic. It means it can operate on its own, without needing manual assistance. This has helped me so much, especially cutting down on operational costs.




This automatic casting molding machine is very easy to work with. It doesn’t require a team of professionals to handle it. It has a horizontal parting that makes it easier to operate the mud core.




Having an adjustable casting molding machine is never a bad choice. This machine allows you to freely adjust the parameters as per your requirements. In addition to that, it is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that ensures high extrusion pressure, and smooth operation.


Mold Closing Accuracy


With this molding machine, you don’t need to worry about accuracy. From molding to clamping, and other operations, it carries out each step with great precision. As a result, it reduces the chances of incorrect packaging.


What Did I Like?


First off, Castking is one of the best casting molding machine manufacturers in China. So, if you want to purchase a reliable and efficient molding machine, I would suggest you get it from them.

Coming back to the main topic, I very much liked the stable casting quality provided by the machine. Thanks to its high-precision mechanical positioning system, position detection system linkage, and microcomputer control system the entire production is automated.

Having this molding machine in your company will help you control the production process without manual assistance.


What Needs Improvement?


No doubt, Castking makes great casting and molding machines. The machine I purchased for my company has all the right features that enable it to operate without hassles.

However, I believe the machine’s performance could be improved. The company could make it more efficient in handling mass production. Other than this, I don’t have any major complaints about this machine.


Would I Recommend It?


If someone asks, yes, I would recommend this metal casting and molding equipment to others. If you want to automate the production process like me, you better get this amazing molding machine for your company.