Why are Poly V Belts Widely Used in Processing and Manufacturing?

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When it comes to non-axially aligned shafts, belts are the cheapest utility for power transmission. It is noteworthy that there is a need for numerous types of belts as power transmission is not general over a wide area of applications. The Poly V Belts are the most reliably used and over a range of applications among these belts. They can be manufactured with less width and pulley diameters and are compact than other belts. These belts have more contact area and, therefore, are more efficient than the traditional V belt or Flat belt.

Poly V Belts has elastic properties, although the stretch is limited due to features like polyamide cord. In high-volume applications, it is found that this stretch is of great importance. The belts are mainly distinguished by their cord material, and therefore a lot of customers find it difficult to differentiate between a good V belt and a bad one. Hence, it is necessary to spot a reliable supplier for the belts like here at to get only high-quality belts at competitive prices.

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Advantages of PV Belts

There are several advantages with poly v belts during the work process. They work with minimum vibration and noise, and there is no need for correcting tensions regularly as these poly v belts are of high quality. The cord material used is elastic nylon which can stretch a little bit but not more like a rubber band. It is best operated at a fixed center distance and easily eliminates the need for tension and slide adjustments.

The PV belts are also compact in shapes and sizes and offer high flexibility for tasks. The belts operate at high peripheral speed and thereby increasing performance and efficiency. It also helps operators lessen the need for any tension devices, thereby reducing cost. It can also withstand overloads and intermittent loads, and less labor is needed for its operation.

You can come across several appliances that require PV Belts, including numerous small appliances, food processors, dryers, washing machines, gym equipment, etc. In all these appliances, the PV Belt accompanies any application where power transmission is required.

Purpose of Using PV Belts

The main purpose for using poly v belts is to bring in the stability of alignment not otherwise possible. The minimum tension is required to make the belt work properly, and you must notice whether the belt you are using is worn out or has become loose. A good PV belt will axially align to shafts so that the power transmission is smooth and hassle-free. To meet the requirements of different tensions, manufacturers have brought out a wide range of PV belts.

PV belts are utilized with standard pulleys and are smooth and calm while operating. It mounts establishment without requiring pulley evacuation. If tension is loose, the belt will slip out of pulleys and cause danger to components and labor. Poly V Belts include types like (E) PH, (E) PJ, (E) PK, PL, and PM, and double-sided DPK.

The Serpentine belts are mostly offered in ribs, and clients can get custom sizes from the above site as per their specification that includes the lengths, widths, and pitches.