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What Factors Should You Look for Before Buying a Biogas Flow Meter?


The first question that you should ask is whether your factory needs a flow meter or not. If you only need to know the quantity of fluid that is passing through a pipeline and at what rate, a basic flow meter can do the job. Such a meter is simple and easy to install. It is seen that such simple meters give approximately 5% accuracy which is sufficient for measuring the rate of flow.


However, things get more complex when you need to know a lot more than just the flow and the type of liquids involved in the process. In such cases, you need a high-performing flow meter. Sometimes the operational need is such that any good flow meter will not do the job, but you need precision flow meters installed. There are therefore various types of flow meters in the market yet only a few can deliver accurate measurements leaving no room for error.


These are pretty complex instruments and Silver Automation Instruments China is the leading manufacturer of these high-quality flow meters. One key factor that you need to know is that each gas or fluid behaves differently when it runs through a pipeline. This happens due to the viscosity of the gas or fluid as the case may be. It is mandatory on the part of the business manager or chief engineer of the unit to investigate the materials that are used in the chemical process and how they behave within the pipeline.


Flow Meter for Biogas


The biogas flow meter stands apart from other flow meters that are generally used for gases. Biogas is mainly made u methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Before installing your flow meter for biogas you should consider certain factors.


The flow rate can either be measured in standard way or actual form as is the case with your production process. While measuring the flow rate it may be that the volume of gas has been adjusted to normal temperature or pressure. In the actual form of flow rate, it is measured in the actual volume of gas per unit that passes a flow meter in a unit of time.


The flow rate for biogas can be measured with the help of a thermal flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, and vortex flow meter, differential pressure flow meter, etc. Again, the thermal flow meter is used for measuring the normal flow rate while the vortex meter measures the biogas volumetric flow rate.


Biogas Flow Range According to Size of Pipe


Manufacturers of high-quality flow meters usually determine the size of the gas flow sensor before they suggest a biogas meter. This is because some factories or processing units may need both the flow meter diameter and the pipe size to be the same to bring forth maximum efficiency. Again, other industries require the flow meter to be slightly larger than the pipeline.


Biogas meters are generally designed to operate under pressures of 16 bar. Again, it is also possible to measure the rate of air. You can purchase the mass flow rate of air meter from the above company at very competitive prices.