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Is it Possible to Vape without the Use of Eightvape Coils?


Some people may have found a way to get direct hits straight into the lungs during vaping and think of doing away with Eightvape Coils which regulates the vapor. They may think that the hits are better and will not do much harm. However, this is not so. Inhaling straight into the lungs may have its risks and more studies are necessary to clear the notion that direct hits from vape devices are healthy. Some studies have stated that direct hits into the lungs are as dangerous as the case with traditional smoking. However, you may experience fewer health issues if you vape e-liquids without nicotine and take only permissible flavors. But then most people including young and teens would like to smoke something that gives them that rare rejuvenating feeling.

Hence, taking direct hits is way unhealthier than vaping with the help of mesh coils that come with the kit. There is perhaps a simpler explanation that when you smoke traditional cigarettes or vape it depends upon the nicotine level that you inhale. While smoking cigarettes induces nicotine to go directly into the lungs due to combustion, there is no such combustion taking place in vape devices.

Why Coils Are a Must while Vaping?

You will get to know that ultimately it is the mesh coil that checks the sudden waft of vapor from going down your throat into the lungs. It is one of the most important parts of a vaping device and you can replace them from the eightvape online store. The mesh coil is a sheet of net material and is made of stainless steel or Kanthal.

The vape device has four major components and these can come in a single piece or can be separated as the case may be. Vape devices in single pieces come as throw-away apparatus which generally you use and then dispose them of. It also contains mesh coils and can be heavy on your pockets if you are a serious frequent smoker.

The other devices are the refillable Eightvape Disposables that can be cleaned as you can separate each of the compartments. These compartments or components are of four types. The first one is the cartridge or pod which holds the e-liquid or e-juice.

The second component is the atomizer or heating element which heats up and helps warm the e-juices. The third is the battery while the last is the mouthpiece through which you inhale the vapor.

Prices of Vaping Devices and Accessories

You can purchase vape devices from online stores, but most of them are pretty heavy on your pockets. If you belong to ordinary folks and planning to buy the throwaway types then you may find it pretty heavy for your pockets. On the other, refillable devices are cheaper in the long run although you may have to pay a higher price initially.

The refillable devices are also green-friendly and you can get a discount when you purchase Eightvape Pod Kits from an online store. You also get all the accessories at a much lower rate than that of other stores. If you wish to learn more about vaping devices you can browse the official website.