The Best Service Lifetime of Wire Drawing Dies


Natural diamond drawing tools require that the installation and operation of machine equipment be simple. To avoid vibrations, the wire drawing machine must be installed in a stable manner.

The installation should have the wire rod’s drawing axis parallel to the middle line of film hole. This will ensure consistency with the drawing die.

The friction created by the tensile stress at the beginning of pulling is much greater than traditional friction. Therefore, the drawing die will be used.

The wire for natural diamond drawing dies should also be treated. The drawing surface should not shrink after being ground by the grinder. A lubricant should be honest. Regular maintenance of the ND Drawing Dies is a good idea.

Some minor annular wear can occur due to vibration in wire rod. This occurs within the first contact zone of wirerod within the area of natural diamond drawing. It then expands to the area of sizing, leading to serious decreases in surface quality and an increase in wire rod size. For more info about ND Drawing Dies, Visit our website.

Additionally, severe wear can cause transverse cracks (mainly in the drawing process for sentimental wire) and longitudinal cracks. This will lead to premature scrapping.

Therefore,according to the sort of wire to be drawn and therefore the characteristics of wire drawing,the maintenance specification of wire drawing die should be formulated scientifically.In general,slight ring wear are often restored by polishing,or the diameter are often slightly enlarged to satisfy the drawing requirements. Excessive wear will greatly reduce the amount of mold repair,or even scrap, making the drawing rise .

To increase the value of natural diamond drawing tools, it is essential to maintain and repair them properly.

Here are some things to consider when using a natural diamond drawing tool.

1.Surface pretreatment:for the wire rod with dirty surface and more impurities,it should be cleaned and dried before drawing;for the wire rod with more oxide skin,it should be acid refined and dried before drawing; for the wire rod with peeling,pit and double skin,it should be polished before drawing.

2.Heat treatment:for the wire with excessive hardness or uneven hardness,the hardness shall be reduced by annealing or tempering, and therefore the wire shall maintain good hardness uniformity before drawing.

It is possible to increase the guarantee of the service life of natural diamond dies for the wire. This will allow the wire to have a smooth surface. Home:

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