Purchasing high quality automatic voltage regulator


The voltage regulators are widely used in industries that have applications with extensive power requirements. Installing and having good quality voltage regulators becomes a necessity in such industries. The voltage regulator is used for generating fixed voltage of output at preset magnitude and it remains constant throughout regardless of the changes to load conditions or the input voltage.

There are different voltage regulator manufacturers in the industry that produce good quality voltage regulators that do the job efficiently. If you are out there looking for a premium quality voltage regulators then it is imperative that you must do comprehensive research and look at products from different manufacturers, compare their features and specs, pricing and eventually make an informed decision based on your requirements and budget.

The functioning of the automatic voltage regulators

There are two fundamental types of voltage regulators in the market: Switching regulators and linear regulators.  The linear regulator deploys active pass device that is controlled by high gain differential amplifier. The regulator then compares output voltage with exact reference voltage and then accordingly adjusts pass device for maintaining constant voltage of output.

The switching regulator on the other hand, does the conversion of input dc voltage to switched voltage that is applied to the BJT switch or power MOSFET. The filtered output voltage from the power switch is then fed back to the circuit which controls power switch by turning it on or off so that voltage of output remains constant regardless of the load current changes or the input voltage.

For controlling the output the switching regulators need means for varying the output voltage as a response to the input and the output changes of voltage. One of the approaches can be to use the PWM which controls input to associated to associated power switch and controls the on and off time, which is known as the duty cycle. The output voltage which is filtered is then fed back to PWM controller for controlling duty cycle.

About the company

The Scientek is one of the prominent and leading inverter manufacturer and the company also produces numerous different equipments including stabilizers and voltage regulators. The team from is fairly experienced in the ODM and OEM service for almost 15 years. The company has a motivated research and development team and an efficient sales team that is known for their expertise in the last 15 years. The company is known for its ODM and OEM service in the international quarters and the highlight feature of the company’s business includes fundamental knowledge of the technology used in electronics and power supply in addition to excellent communication skills.

The Scientek Electrical Co. Ltd. is the solution maker and the professional  automatic voltage regulator manufacturer and it also produces OEM inverter, UPS, transformers, battery chargers and solar charge controllers. The company is located in the city of Foshan, which is the manufacturer base for China power supply. The company specializes in production of the high quality products like voltage like voltage converters, MPPT solar controllers and three-phase voltage regulators amongst others.

Different voltage regulator products for sale at the company

Some of the high quality voltage regulators that you can find at Scientek includes Brand New Wall mount relay type Automatic voltage Stabilizer AVS-P series, 3 Phase Servo Motor AVR SVC33 Series, AVS Series Relay type Automatic voltage Stabilizer, Relay type Automatic voltage regulator AVR-D Series, 3 Phase SCR IGBT type Contactless Automatic voltage regulatorSBWZ series and Wall Mount Relay type Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR-WG Series amongst others.