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Best 5 custom coffee bags suppliers


The coffee world’s packaging is meant to preserve the tastes and fragrances that all coffee lovers crave.
Today, coffee pouches have become part of the process, which starts with beans and ends with brewing, as people seem to want more when it comes to custom coffee bags packaging.

Specialized and individualized packaging

Custom coffee bags have gained popularity among these companies who want to differentiate themselves from others in the market. These specialized sacks not only keep the coffee beans fresh but also provide an avenue in which branding may occur alongside natural storytelling which adds a personal twist to the entire experience for customers.

Why you should pick your custom bag supplier carefully?

For coffee brands looking forward to keeping their products’ quality intact since manufacturing until they are taken by consumers; selecting a custom bag supplier is vital. Reputable suppliers have different materials, sizes, and customization options designed specifically for different types of coffees whether they are small-batch artisanal blends or mainstream favorites.

Wholesale: A Cost-Effective Solution

Buying coffee bags in bulk from suppliers is much cheaper per unit and guarantees stable and reliable supply chains. Coffee bag wholesale options can allow companies to try out different bag sizes, materials, or designs without over-stretching their expenditure plans. This method of saving funds lets coffee companies channel other resources into the marketing department or product improvement.

Branding and storytelling

Custom coffee bags offer a unique opportunity for branding and storytelling, allowing coffee brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level. When choosing coffee bag suppliers, businesses should prioritize reliability, customization options, and quality.
Thinking about the cost-effectiveness of a coffee supply, it’s wise to look at different coffee bag choices. As the landscape of the coffee industry changes, however, people will remember that certain brands are still serving them with the perfect brew that they desire thanks to factors like custom coffee bags and their suppliers worldwide. Here are the best 5 custom coffee bags suppliers.



As the leader in flexible packaging manufacturing for the food, daily products, and chemicals industry, BOWE PACK has successfully supplied big and small brands with custom flexible packaging bags and films solutions for over 25 years, thanks to their extensive expertise and experience. With cutting-edge technology, BOWE PACK achieves global industry-wide coverage. The company has established plants and marketing offices in Guangdong, China, where they have built a mature flexible packaging industrial park.

Passionate about their business, BOWE PACK is constantly pushing the limits of their know-how, aiming to offer high-quality, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions for a host of international brands.

2, Pakfactory



PakFactory strives to be the foremost brand that comes to mind when the world considers customized packaging. The company has set its sights on becoming the most trustworthy and well-known packaging brand and platform globally. With a commitment to digitizing a significant portion of the packaging industry, PakFactory envisions itself as the world’s premier packaging platform, connecting customers with partners. Positioned as the central hub of global packaging commerce, PakFactory aims to fulfill the diverse needs of millions of customers through a fully-managed experience. These values define the company’s ethos, driving its work in building a platform and product it firmly believes in. The team at PakFactory is dedicated to creating real value by helping people simplify their tasks, regardless of their location, and enabling them to bring more of themselves to their work.

Flat Pouches

Spouted Pouches

3, Roastar



At Roastar, they believe that small businesses can, and should, project a substantial image. Whether it’s coffee, cannabis, pet treats, or specialty foods, Roastar is dedicated to assisting with packaging needs. As trailblazers in the custom product packaging industry, Roastar stands out as one of the few in the country capable of digitally printing pouches. Recognizing the unique requirements of small businesses compared to large corporations, Roastar provides short runs and swift turnaround times, enabling nimbleness. They understand the value of time and have streamlined the ordering process for utmost convenience.

For those seeking custom printed packaging made in America, Roastar is the ideal destination. The journey to retail-readiness has been made significantly easier for small businesses, thanks to Roastar’s commitment to support the underdog.

Flat-Bottom Pouches

Gusseted Bags

4, Coffeebags



The company’s coffee bags are crafted from higher-quality materials designed to stand up to almost any use, ensuring that coffee – or other goodies – stays fresher for a longer period. They offer three convenient and popular sizes that fit almost every need. Customers can choose from the smaller ½ pound size, as well as the larger 1 pound and 5-pound coffee bag sizes. Regardless of packaging requirements, their boldly colored coffee bags are designed to make a lasting impression. From the classic tan kraft paper coffee bag to vividly colored options, there’s a coffee bag just right for every customer.

4 Ounce Foil Lined Stand-Up Zip Pouch Coffee Bag with Valve – TAN KRAFT

Window Bags – Half Pound Coffee Bags with Window and Tin Ties – WHITE

5, Standuppouches



At the time, many small businesses were struggling to survive – let alone win. They needed innovative ways to package their products that stood out from the crowd but didn’t break the bank. Plus, they had to navigate a packaging industry designed for the big players. The only way to create custom printed flexible packaging was to run a minimum of 50,000 pieces per SKU, flavor, or version – not an option for many smaller players.

The company changed all that. By allowing minimum runs of just 5,000 pieces, they empowered small businesses to create, market, and expand their product lines. But quantity is not their only differentiator. Their packaging leads the industry in function, design, and style. With them, businesses never sacrifice quality for quantity. Since then, they’ve grown to support businesses of all sizes. They continue to help the “little guys” compete, but they’re just as dedicated once those little guys get big. The company has examined every single step of their process and can guarantee that every customer gets the same quality, service, and support, from runs of five thousand to five million.

stand-up pouch

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