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Xinjiang tour – a trip of wonderful experiences

Xinjiang Tours

One of the reasons why people travel to different locations and places is because they want to experience different cultures, witness breathtaking locations and have fun by visiting some of the unknown locations where they haven’t been before. Xinjiang tours is one vacation that is ideal for all of those experiences and if you are browsing for a place to visit then Xinjiang is an ideal location to visit. You will find hordes of tourists and visitors that frequent this place throughout the year owing to its high tourism value.

Why is Xinjiang high on the places to visit for the tourists?

Xinjiang, located in the western China, is the largest province there and the place is replete with several historical sites of ancient silk road and breathtaking natural landscape. You also get to experience the unique and distinct culture belonging to the 47 minority communities. Xinjiang is full of charming unique culture as well as natural scenery.

Xinjiang is a city that is furthest away from the sea however it is the land which has got stunning landscapes, mysterious meaning as well as vitality. Xinjiang can be considered as a tourist paradise since it is full of amazing places and vibrant cultures. The place is a geographical landscape with rivers, mountains, lakes, Gobi deserts, grassland and history as well as culture. As a tourist you can enjoy the adventures of visiting the Karez irrigation system which is created by local wisdom in Turpan and a trip to the legendary and heavenly lake.

You also have the option of visiting the Ghost city for the unique landform and howling wind as well as admire sunset of the Jiaohe ruins. In Xinjiang you also get to explore the mysterious village of Hemu located in the Altay mountain. Kashgar is another place, which is an ancient city, that has got profound nature as well as distinct societies – you can choose to walk the old town of Kashgar to experience the customs of local people and unique lifestyles.

What to expect from Xinjiang travel agency?

The Xinjiang travel agency is one of the best in the market when it comes to making ideal arrangements for tourists to travel to the different places in Xinjiang. Xinjiang China travel agency has been a pioneer of the Silk road, West China inbound tourism in the country since the year 2005. The company has provided tour arrangements for more than 10000 travelers over the years/
When you travel with some of the services that you can expect include fully customized tour that takes into account your budget as well as travel requirements. You are provided with an experienced and professional travel consultant that has extensive travel experience of visiting every part of the country. This tour operator provides you with local tour operation expertise that has deep insightful network and all resources for immediate response for any of the potential problem.

Your travel consultant provides 24/7 customer support service and there is a manager for customer care that takes care of any queries . You also get reasonable pricing packages and guaranteed refund offers with Xinjiang travel agency.

Tour packages offered by Xinjiang travel agency

You will find some of the best packages on offer for customers when you visit the website of the company. Some of the most popular and highly featured packages include 5 Days Xinjiang Winter Tour: Urumqi and Turpan, 12 Days Xinjiang Private Tour: Kanas Lake and Kashgar, Urumqi and Turpan Classic Tour, Classic Xinjiang Tour: Sayram Lake, Narat and Duku Adventure, 12 Days Xinjiang Travel to Kanas Lake and Taklamakan Desert Kuqa, 10 Days Xinjiang tour to Narat Grassland and Kashgar, Kashgar to Turpan Tour by Train , 9 Days Urumqi to Kanas Lake Tour and 6 Days Xinjiang tour from Kashgar to Turpan amongst others. Let us have a look at one of these packages broadly.

9 Days Urumqi to Kanas Lake Tour:

This package is for two people on a private tour who will be accommodate on a 4 star hotel. Some of the highlights of this package include travelling to stunning and wonderful Kanas lake where you can enjoy and experience the gorgeous scenery. You can also explore awesome natural wonders of the calm Hemu and authentic folklore. You can also enjoy trekking and hiking in the forest. You also get to explore the Yadan landscape located in the Ghost city of Urho where you experience mysterious landscape. You will also be able to visit the heavenly lake which offers fantastic landscape of vast grasslands, picturesque snow mountains, thick forests and distinct nomad culture of the local Kazakhs. You will also get all the details of the daily itinerary such as different places to visit, food, transport and accommodation.