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What’s hidden inside the popular panda wallet?


Web3 wallet, as an important part of the cryptocurrency industry, has an irreplaceable role. It not only provides a secure and convenient way to store and trade cryptocurrencies, but also provides a wider range of application scenarios for blockchain applications. With the popularity of blockchain technology and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the importance of Web3 wallets will become more prominent. Therefore, we can say that Web3 wallets are a must in the cryptocurrency industry, and the competition will be more fierce in the future.

Panda Wallet is the leading crypto super wallet designed to securely and seamlessly connect 1 billion users to the crypto world. Support a number of public chain networks, used to cover more than 170 countries, more than one million users. Provide global users with a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem of essential services, including but not limited to unmanaged, multi-chain NFTS and cryptocurrency wallets, built-in DEXs, cross-chain Bridges and DApp browsers, powerful terminals, attractive earning, gifts and events, and more.

Since the early days, Panda Wallet‘s founders have worked to build a blockchain that is secure, scalable, truly decentralized, and open to everyone. With this motivation in mind, Panda Wallet has distinguished itself by developing a super consensus mechanism that combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum. To achieve the highest level of security, scalability, and decentralization. On the premise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Panda Wallet thus becomes a powerful platform that facilitates the global adoption of blockchain technology, especially as a value accumulation and usability layer for all DApps.

There is no need to reveal your identity when mining for equity in cryptocurrencies, enabling you to remain anonymous. Panda Wallet is a user-friendly wallet that offers self-managed storage. As with many anonymous crypto wallets, your private key is already encrypted and stored on your device when you start using it.


  1. Self-hosted wallet app that provides complete privacy and anonymity
  2. Security tools, multi-factor authentication
  3. There is no extra charge for in-app currency exchange
  4. Support Ethereum and Binance smart chain token enrichment
  5. User-friendly experience for beginners and experienced investors

We believe that the addition of new partners will open up even more opportunities for Panda Wallet users, especially as the platform is now focused on adding a variety of Dapps with rich and diverse Web3 experiences.” In addition, Panda Wallet is also one of the fastest growing crypto communities with excellent connectivity, users can easily create a core wallet in a timely manner, and will soon be able to access its widely supported Dapps through our built-in DApp browser.

At the same time, Panda Wallet becomes the most powerful portal for Web3, confident and proud to lead the next batch of new users into the ever-evolving crypto world.