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Verification Of Factory Audit Standard


A kind of supplier evaluation that happens at the manufacturer’s location is called a factory audit. To make sure they satisfy your needs as a buyer, an auditor looks for information on their current systems, capacity, working environment, or capabilities.

One tool that can assist you in avoiding these and other issues is a check of factory audit standard. It entails visiting the supplier’s location and evaluating them according to a number of standards to ascertain whether they can satisfy your requirements as a customer.

Factory audit standard verification

In eagle eyes inspection, you can receive the following verification under factory audit standard reports.

  • The factory profile covers, Company Building Information, Legal Validity, Product Markets for the Factory Profile, Communication Infrastructures
  • The production capacity check will cover subcontractors, Production machinery, testing machinery + annual production capacity, daily output check
  • management company chart, Employer headcount, management, working conditions (safety), working force training
  • Quality assurance check covers Supplier Management, Product Certification, Quality Control Management, after sale support, Quality Management System Certification
  • Management of Production Processes
  • Capabilities for Lab Testing
  • Capacity for R&D
  • Key Document & Certification

You can also receive China inspection services – Amazon to make sure the sorting and loading process. When one or more known issues require the separation of defective units from your shipment, a Sort Inspection (SI) is required. This inspection may take place at a different location, your factory, or a distribution centre.

Inspectors inspect every single one of your items to identify the high-quality and low-quality units. After that, you get a report with the sort’s outcomes. Our highly skilled inspectors put in a lot of effort to make sure that all faulty units are taken out. In this manner, you may be sure they won’t be sold.

FBA inspection and loading verification

The FBA Inspection verifies that all Amazon FBA standards are understood and fulfilled. Many consumers are selling their goods on the Amazon platform as e-commerce continues to gain popularity around the globe. You can receive the following services from our FBA inspection factory at eagle eyes inspection.

  • AQL II standard for quantity checking and sample size verification; appearance and workmanship defects
  • Other measurements of data
  • Testing and function checking
  • Test of carton drop
  • Checks for safety and compliance when necessary

The internal packaging of every product in the chosen units is monitored by the audit container loading supervision. Information about how to handle the goods, where to keep it, storage conditions, and how to unload the container and boxes is also looked for on the outside of each box.

The features of the product that are included in the product quality category are as follows: the product’s colour is intact and does not fade due to packaging; the product’s design is undamaged; the packing material’s odour does not seep into the product’s surface; the product is not worn out, broken, shattered, or destroyed by outside pressure; and the packing material is appropriate and meets the quality standards recommendations for that particular product.