Understanding Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel


A diamond grinding wheel or cup wheel is a diamond-bonded tool that has diamond segments that are welded on or cold pressed to a body of metal. It usually looks like a cup. These are popular in the home and construction industry. They can be used to cut, grind and polish concrete, hard concretes, granites, field stones, paint and coatings. There are many benefits to using them, from simple form clean up to polishing and shaping concrete and stone floors and surfaces.

There are many types and specifications of Diamond cup grinding wheel available to suit different applications. You should consider the purpose of the job before deciding on the type of diamond grinding cup wheels that you should use. They are best suited for heavy tasks such as the grinding of concrete and stone. While those with larger diamond segments can be used to do more work, they can also be used for epoxy coatings and paints.

To suit different purposes, diamond grinding cup wheel can have different diamond grinds, different bonds and different diamond hardness. The bond should be softened if concrete is extremely hard. It should also be stronger if concrete is more dense.

For different roughness grindings, diamond grinding cup wheel are used. Concrete grinding typically has two phases. The coarse grinding phase is the first, and the fine grinding phase is second. For coarse grinding, the bond of diamonds should be stronger and the diamond toughness should be greater. This is because the diamonds are more susceptible to becoming blunt. The normal diamond grit should be larger, usually between 35 grit and 50 grit depending upon practical requirements. The diamond concentration should not be higher.

For fine grinding and polishing, the bond should not be as strong and the diamond hardness may be less. Here the diamonds can last longer, and a hard bond can help with the precision of processing. Depending on your needs, the average diamond grit is between 80 and 120 grit. Higher diamond concentration is recommended.

You can find a variety of sizes and types of grinding cup wheels. There are many options for shapes and sizes: cups, cylinders or flat disks. Grinding wheels can be made using many different techniques. For example, you could bond a layer of abrasives onto the surface of a steel wheel. However, this discussion will focus on cup wheels made from diamond materials in a bonding matrix.

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