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Top 5 WS2812B LED Strip Light Manufacturers in China


The key things to look out for when buying LED Strip Lights for the first time were discussed in the previous article. This article will focus on the installation process. You can install LED Strips in a variety of ways, but ultimately it all comes down to what you hope to accomplish with your lighting system. If you are looking to outfit a club with 20 meters of RGB LED Strip Lights and run them on DMX control, it might be much easier to install a 1 metre LED strip into your kitchen cabinet. The following article will take you through some of the universal things you need to watch out for no matter what you do.

We’ll begin by looking at LED Tapes. These are essentially flexible circuit boards with surface mounted devices, or SMDs, arranged along their length. A few things to keep in mind are the number of LEDs per meter, the size of the LED chips, and the color and length of the strip light. There are two types of strip lights available: 30 LED per meter and 60 LED per meter. The latter is much brighter and has twice as many LEDs per meter. Lighting contexts where they have to compete with background illumination are designed to use them effectively. You should opt for 60 LED per metre if you want to use them in a daylight setting, such as a shop street display, or add them to a room that already has general lighting and still want them to be seen because of their sharper light output. However, a 30 LED per metre strip is adequate for most other lighting arrangements, including club setups or anywhere where background lighting is not a problem.

Generally, when you look at strip lighting specifications, you’ll see four numbers that don’t mean a lot to you. They refer to the size of the LEDs on the strips. The key difference between these two types of chip sizes is the consistency of light they produce. You’ll typically find chip sizes of 5050 (5mm by 5mm) or 3528 (3.5mm by 2.8mm). LEDs with smaller sizes will produce a jagged and inconsistent effect, while LEDs with larger sizes will produce a more even spread of light.

The other decision you have to make is which colour XXXws2812 led strip you want to buy. They usually come in three main colours, warm and cool white, as well as interchangeable RGB. Both of the first two are designed to add stylish ambient lighting to commercial and domestic settings without being too garish. They can be used to enhance the appearance of a room by adding layered or accent lighting, or they can be added functionality to kitchens, bathrooms, or offices by acting as task lighting. Thousands of programmable effects can be achieved with RGB LED, which is a direct replacement for old-fashioned disco lighting. They are typically operated directly from a remote control that is connected to a red eye sensor between the strip light and transformer. DMX Control is also available. This is a form of advanced effects programming that uses an industry standard signal to control the brightness, color and frequency of the lights.

Most lighting arrangements can be achieved with a single strip, depending on the nature of your setup and how complicated your intentions are. The most obvious consideration is the length of strip lighting. There are standard reels of 5 and 10 metre strip lights, but bespoke lengths are also available, so contact your provider for more information. You can also lengthen or shorten strip lighting on your own. Using a soldering iron and some two core wire, you can shorten a strip light by cutting at one of its cutting points spaced approximately 5 cm apart along its length. To attach two pieces of strip together, and to increase the length of the light, you need a soldering iron and some two core wire. To complete the connection, solder these wires to their respective + and minus solder points at the end of the strip light where the cut has been made. If you’re trailing them around a large corner, this method can provide some extra length.

Here are the Top 5 WS2812B LED Strip Light Manufacturers in China


1. Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd


Hanron has cultivated a group of talent of 100+ people, including 10 technical engineers and 20 sales engineers. Our company passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system and most of rgbic led strips are compliant with certifications like ETL, BIS, CE, RoHS, Reach, TUV CB, LM80, etc.


2. Shenzhen GLU Lighting Co.,Ltd


Glu Lighting is a hi-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing, developing and selling of high quality led strip light. GLU has been specialized in led strip for more than 6 years, currently our products have been exported to more than 40 countries. Owns over 2500㎡plant area and 4 production lines and 50-plus well-trained staff, enables us to providing fast and reliable service. We are equipped with a full set of machinery such as SMT machines, solder reflow, automatic glue dispencer, integrating sphere etc, which greatly enhance our production capacity and stability.


3. COXO Technology


Shenzhen COXO Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED linear light. With the objective to be the most professional and innovative supplier of led linear light in the world, COXO insists on its independent research & development, high effective production line as well as the independent intellectual property rights management.


4. Dongguan SDIP Light Co. Ltd


Based in Dongguan City, Dongguan SDIP Light Co. Ltd. is Guangdong’s premier led strip light manufacturers of comprehensive addressable lighting solutions. The core of our innovative technological solutions includes R&D, production, sales, and other services for LED full-color series lighting products.


5. Yecaiyuan Technology Co., Ltd


Shenzhen YCY (Yecaiyuan) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and has two LED light manufacturing factories, one in Huizhou and another in Shenzhen. Yecaiyuan is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and service with LED strips as the core. With LED packaging, LED flexible PCB, LED driver controller, and LED Rigid Strip, it has formed a complete vertical supply chain in the LED line light industry.