The Future of Advanced Electronic Components Manufacturing


Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) serve as an essential component of electronic devices today, and could become an more important part of the electronics industry in the coming years. PCB manufacturing has come a long significantly since the 1950’s. You are able to find them in virtually every consumer electronic as well as medical and scientific equipment.

There are three basic kinds of printed circuit boards (PCB) structures: the rigid, ridig-flex and flex. The demand for smaller, more affordable circuit boards are making it difficult for PCB makers They will need to design the boards in various forms to meet the demands of these new requirements.

There have been numerous innovations that have been made PCB materials and techniques. The trend is towards higher frequency electronics that offer lower electrical losses as well as higher operating voltages. In the future, the PCB is more than likely to comprise at least six layer of laminates that are thin. Distinction actives and passives are embedded inside the board, resulting in better power distribution. Fiber optic backplanes and transmission lines are likely to be available for certain applications. It is also possible to see three-dimensional components that offer greater power consumption as well as paper-based multilayer printed circuit boards (P-PCBs) which are a more green alternative.

Beware of counterfeit components in Electronic Manufacturing

According to a study from 2010 carried out by the United States Bureau of Industry and Security, respondents from every aspect of the supply chain for electronic Switches Components have saw a rise of 250% in the number of counterfeit cases between 2005 between 2005 and the year 2008. The estimated figure is that it could amounts to more than $200 billion in global sales of semiconductors in the alone. And this is believed to only represent one small percentage of the overall market.

Counterfeit components are a significant problem in the field of electronic manufacturing. Numerous factors are responsible for this issue particularly global outsourcing and offshore manufacturing. The shift of manufacturing away from North American as well as Europe to low-cost parts around the globe has transferred technological information and IP.

Counterfeit products are often associated with poor quality which means they can cause a decline in the performance of electronic equipment, and are often an hazard for the general public. One method by which an electronic contractor can prevent entering counterfeit components into the chain of supply is to purchase from the original component manufacturer or franchised distributor. Another alternative is for the manufacturer to designate one employee who is a part of the team to control and implement procedures to reduce counterfeit components. The job of this employee would be to maintain continuous inspection procedures for components. They also would conduct an extensive audit of the suppliers’ records and demand the company to implement measures of protection against counterfeit components. If counterfeit parts is received from one of the suppliers and an investigation is conducted into the incident will be carried out quickly and any future purchases made from the supplier would be halted.

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