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RHY Wallet 2.0 goes online, specializing in the treatment of miners halving their waists


After bitcoin halving, the biggest headache is the group of miners. The tepid market has little effect on secondary market investment, but the halving of the currency standard brings real income to miners. It can be said It is the pain of cutting skin. Imagine when you wake up, the unit suddenly informs you that your salary will be halved from today. What is your mood? Miners are now facing such a situation, waking up to a half of their daily income.

Faced with the dilemma of the miners, the RHY mine also actively responded to help the miners find a way to fight the waist. HY wallet completes the second iteration, the main push function of version 2.0-balance moves bricks, helps users increase the income of the currency standard without increasing investment, which is called the rain in the mining circle.

1. The RHY wallet has been launched, which is specially designed to treat the problem of mining losses:

rhy wallet

For the sake of comprehensive consideration and assessment of the needs of miners, RHY launched the first generation of miner wallet products at the beginning of this year, which are built into the backend of the client. According to the understanding of the daily habits of miners, the first generation RHY wallet has developed special functions such as “joint wallet” and “guaranteed transaction”. RHY wallet is the first exclusive miner wallet in the industry.

After months of user feedback, the 2.0 version of RHY Wallet was quickly iterated. The 2.0 version of the RHY wallet still adheres to the original intention of serving good miners. In addition to retaining the rich features of version 1.0, it simplifies the use steps and optimizes the UI interface layout. Of course, version 2.0 also adds the function of moving the balance with the highest voice of miners. Miners The demand is the direction of RHY wallet iteration.

Let’s see what better experience the RHY wallet version 2.0 brings.

1): Packing management of 9 mainstream mining coins: RHY Wallet 2.0 still supports the management of nine mainstream mining coins including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BSV, USDT, ZEC, etc., bid farewell to the era of one coin and one wallet, Satisfy the miners’ needs of more than 90% of digital currency management, and are impeccable in the basic functions of the wallet.  

2): Add the currency exchange function, 2.0 wallets are connected to the two head exchanges of Huobi and okex, and the currency exchange is completed in the wallet. It is simple, safe and efficient, the key is to save a lot of money The handling fee for entering and leaving the exchange.

3): Simplify the withdrawal procedures, the withdrawal interface is more simple, the historical account memory function and the QR code collection function are added to minimize the possibility of mistransfer.

4): The balance moves bricks to save miners who lose money and mine. The real move bricks arbitrage adopts a decentralized model. The asset destination and income are clearly visible in the block browser, and the security of digital assets is more guaranteed.

5): Guaranteed transactions, the platform as an intermediary party provides witness and guarantee services for peer-to-peer transactions, improves the efficiency of transactions and resolves possible disputes.

Moving brick balance is the focus of RHY wallet 2.0 upgrade. In the current downturn, mining revenue is not ideal for selling coins and is not cost-effective. Miners who choose Tuncoin need a low-risk digital asset appreciation channel. The balance of RHY wallet moves Brick is an almost risk-free arbitrage strategy that helps miners balance the pain points of the sharply reduced earnings from halving.

2. Security and practicality are still the core of RHY Wallet 2.0

The functions and interface of RHY Wallet 2.0 have been optimized, but the concept of wallet development, that is, the pursuit of the unity of security and practicality, has been well continued.

Security is the root of the wallet. RHY wallet is a miner wallet developed by the RHY team and endorsed by the RHY mine. The digital assets are guaranteed by the RHY mine from the beginning of access to the RHY wallet. The RHY mine is safe for the assets in the user’s wallet. Be responsible for. The security strategy of this large platform is obviously more stable than the pure decentralized wallet to pass the security to the encryption mechanism to protect it, especially for the miners who have a long-term habit of Tuning, the RHY wallet is the most economical one. select.

Practicality will directly affect the wallet experience. In the RHY2.0 wallet, the security and practicality are further balanced. The functions that have decentralization requirements are implemented on the chain. For example, the balance moves bricks, which is a decentralized model. Users can know themselves in real time. Capital movements. Where efficiency is more emphasized, a centralized mechanism is introduced. For example, when guaranteeing transactions, the platform needs to be centered as a witness for buyers and sellers to coordinate possible sales disputes.

At the same time, the 2.0 RHY wallet is also built into the RHY app, and the convenience of use has reached a new level. In the transition from 1.0 to 2.0, the RHY of the wallet has always focused on the contradiction between the security of the wallet and the user’s experience. This balance will increase with the increase of wallet users, the diversification of needs and the wallet itself. The development plan keeps iterating.

The iteration from RHY wallet 1.0 to 2.0 took only 3 months. This rapid response capability and development level are built on the basis of a complete business model support, with a source of income as a support wallet