Know about 4k Android TV dongle and its Benefits

An Android TV dongle is the best means of enjoying the Android experience on a bigger TV screen. With the latest Android operating system, it can deliver the whole thing an android device can do but on a TV screen. All the things from the Apps to the internet can be enjoyed on this powerful little device. All that is required is an HDMI compatible TV & an internet connection, and the entire World Wide Web is at your fingertips on a remote from the ease of the couch.

With the prevalent use of the internet as a media source, almost the whole thing from movies, old TV shows & even niche market shows can be watched online. Almost the something somebody would like to watch from old TV shows & films can be found online; this almost makes cable television obsolete. 

Quite simply, what is being shown on TV on a schedule isn’t what somebody wants to watch. By using YouTube & similar media applications, almost the whole thing can be found online; there come a day when the good old-fashioned cable box will be relegated to the list of out of date technologies along with beepers and floppy disks. The way of the future is in the broadband connections serving content from the world around to anybody looking for it.
On the open market, there are different companies selling TVs with onboard internet capabilities; these devices frequently cost much more money and need some sort of subscription for them to work properly. With a 4k dongle Android TV, there is no subscription, and something one wants to watch online can be had totally free. The internet is a plethora of free media, a sort of virtual Wild West where almost everything goes, and almost anything can be had for free. Anybody with an android smartphone knows this all too well; there are numerous free apps and free online movies that can be found for those who have the time to find well.

An android powered TV dongle is very simple to set up; all that needs to be done is to plug the 4k dongle compatible TV with an HDMI port, and it’s ready to boot up. Almost anyone who has ever used an android Smartphone knows the user interface of this gadget. Quite merely, this TV dongle is an Android Smartphone or a tablet that can be plugged into a TV. These devices come with more than sufficient amounts of processing power and RAM, coupled with a good amount of storage space. Moreover, if the onboard memory is not adequate to store one’s extensive collection of movies, external SD cards can be inserted.

This Google certification equipped product has access to apps & functions that you can get on other android devices. But, it is able to run a range of Android apps, games & even a web browser. Are you interested in all these features and looking to grab a device for yourself. One can easily find Google certified 4k dongle here at

Advantages of buying 4k Dongle TV Dongle

The question is, should you purchase an Android TV dongle with Google citification? With the variety of functions it can carry out, including downloading apps from Google Play store, you won’t be proficient at staying away from it for very long. They are consistent & their hardware is just as excellent as the Apple TV. The provided remote is best, and they are able to play a 4k video very smoothly.

These devices are a grand investment for individuals who love to twist their definition of fun. People who only desire to watch videos can purchase other simpler devices. It’s like the difference between having a mobile with push buttons & one with a touch screen. Which technology would you choose?

Because of huge demand, the business for Android TV dongles is increasing. But the difficulty is where to find quality products, as most of the ones accessible on the market are quite lackluster. You can, however, purchase them from online shops. There are countless products that have come onto the market. They are cheap, not a deal-breaker, and effortlessly run for a long time.

This device has a benefit over an HDMI stick. The box has additional connectivity options, while for the stick; you need at least a USB hub for it to be helpful.

The major reason why Android TV dongle is more well-liked is that other devices come with lots of restrictions.

Understand your requirement

It is significant to know that not all Android TV dongles are made equally. So, you can purchase a dongle that supports over 2GB DDR3 RAM, if that is what you need. Mainly, you need to understand what functionalities you are looking at before spending funds. So choose wisely and if you are facing a problem in finding a great device for yourself, then visit and access a huge list of 4k supported devices.