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Key selection factors to keep in mind while purchasing chemical mass flow meter

flow meter for chemical feeder

When we consider buying flow meter for chemical feeder, we have to understand the different factors that can be reasons to buy or not to buy the particular flow meter. Flow meter for chemical processing is very essential as it gives us an idea as to how much liquid, gas, fluid is getting utilised. This helps in ,managing our resources better.

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Not only does it help to save on important resources but also helps the business in a very positive way as the measurements help us to understand the usage. However there are some key factors which we should look at when we decide on buying a mass flow meter.

In a particular plant, the flow profile i.e. turbulent, laminar or transitional, and the fluid characteristics i.e. viscosity, number of phases and turbidity play a role. Not only these but also the accuracy and flow range helps to determine the right meter for measuring certain tasks.

chemical mass flow meter

Some of the key things to keep in mind during selecting the right meter include process media, flow rate information, desired accuracy, measurement type, application environment, fluid characteristics and installation requirements.

Process media: If a fluid is gas, liquid or multiphase, it highly affects the suitability of a machine for measuring. Different flow meters are made to measure different kind of fluids, liquids and gases. Hence it is required to understand the inherent properties of the device and what it can measure accurately. This is essential as a cheap chemical flow meter may not be able to measure a particular liquid properly and give inaccurate results.

Flow rate information: it is necessary to decide if you need a continuous or total flow rate data. A continuous flow rate data or measurement will includes a totaliser, flow sensor, flow recorder, transmitter and a primary flow device.

Desired accuracy: Accuracy is a very important factor that we need to consider when purchasing the meter. When you are measuring something, you want that the measurement is accurate enough and gives proper information. Usually the measurements are stated as maximum, normal and minimum flow rates. Hence a flow meter that gives accurate information what’s going on is very essential. Check this website to know more about flow meters and how they work.

Measurement type: You need to if you want a volumetric flow measurement or a mass flow measurement. Volumetric measurements can actually be converted but mass flow needs some additional sensors in order to understand the accurate measurements. The thermal flow meters are totally insensitive to any variations that take place in pressure or temperatures.

Application environment: The environment where the flowmeter will be used is also important to consider. The plant where you may want to use it can either be too small or too big for the flow meter. Hence the right size flowmeter has to be purchased which will depend on the work environment. The temperature and pressure parameters have to be taken into account while purchasing the device. A pressure drop is very common with high viscous fluids; so the flow measuring device should be capable to measure such discrepancies easily.

Fluid characteristics: The device should be compatible with the particular fluid, liquid or gas it is going to measure. Some liquids or fluids can be very dangerous to the measuring devices, and can spoil them to a great extent. Only the right device which is compatible with the fluid can give you an inaccurate reading.

Installation requirements: Installation of the chemical flow meter will require understanding about pipe direction, line size, material and pressure rating.