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Gas flow meter: Know the different measurement styles and types


The flow meter is considered to be a precision instrument that is used to measure liquid or gas flow rate within a pipe. When you plan to invest in a chemical flow meter, gas or liquid flow meter, you can come across different styles and shapes to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Major styles available for the flow meter to allow accurate flow measurement

  • There are also other methods used which again depends on forces that are flowing stream produced. This is because it overpowers the known constriction while calculating flow indirectly.
  • With a quality liquid chemical flow meter, it becomes possible to establish flow while measuring fluid rate over a known area.
  • Fixed fluid volume is collected by positive displacement meters. Then the liquid or gas gets refilled and released later as when and required. Then the number of times is tallied on the filling capacity. This will help determine the correct flow.

Mass flow

Such meters help to determine mass flow that passes via the meter. There are two types that deserve special mention:

  • Thermal mass flow-meters: It is designed to measure mass flow. This is based on the heated element taht transfers heat, which gets measured. Measurement is conducted in mass flow, while temperature correction and additional pressure is not desired. Moreover, this type is very much easy to install, ensures repeatability and greater accuracy.
  • Coriolis flowmeters: Direct mass flow measurement is offered by this type of chemical liquid flow meter. This is again based on the fluid’s deflection force that moves via a vibrating tube. Such meters are designed to offer accurate results combined with very high turndown abilities. They remain independent of certain fluid properties. These instruments are quite expensive and not found ideal large sized pipes.


Volumetric flow is measured by turbine flow meters and is based on flowing fluid that pass through free spinning rotor. Every revolution taking place is said to correspond to a particular liquid/gas volume. Such meters along with chemical flow meter low flow tend to have very high accuracy and turndown.

However, turbine flow meters are designed with moving parts. Thus for gases, its usage can be stated to be limited to only cleaning dry gases. There will be required temperature and pressure compensation.

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This flow meter determines the measurement of the rate of medium which passes through it.

You can come across ultrasonic flow meters whose function is to measure the difference that exists in pulses transit time, travelling to upstream sensor from downstream transducer. This is compared with the time back to downstream transducer from upstream transducer. Such meter as well as the cheap chemical flow meter offers accurate measurement. However, ultrasonic flow meters are quite an expensive option that requires temperature and pressure measurements.

The other type is the Vortex gas flowmeter that is designed with a shredder bar in its flow path. It results in the fluid flowing around shredder bar. This in turn develops vortices on the bar’s backside. Vortex generation frequency is considered to be an important function associated with gas velocity. Based on a principle referred to as Karman effect, fluid velocity gets determined. Vortex shredding frequency is independent from fluid composition. Pressure and temperature compensation is desired by the meter. To produce vortices, minimum flow rate will be essential. Doing some research can help you to gain information on chemical mass flow meter.

You can also consult the professionals to know more about flow meter for chemical feeder and its features.