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Best 5 Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturers


Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing process in which flat pieces of metal are cut, bent, and assembled into products such as boxes, enclosures, housings, and brackets. The process typically begins with a design, which is transformed into a three-dimensional shape by cutting, forming, and joining the metal parts. The process can be done manually, using manual tools and machines, or with automated equipment using computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Sheet metal fabrication is used in a wide range of industries, from aircraft and automobile manufacturing to electronics, plumbing, and home appliances.

What are the different types of sheet metal fabrication?

  • Cutting: Cutting is the basic process that involves cutting pieces of metal into a desired shape.
  • Bending: Bending allows metal to be bent into a desired shape or form.
  • Forming: Forming is a process that is used to shape metal into a three-dimensional shape.
  • Punching: Punching is the process of perforating sheet metal with a die and punch.
  • Welding: Welding is the process of connecting two pieces of metal together creating a strong bond.
  • Shrinking: Shrinking is a process that involves heating the metal and then cooling it quickly to create a decrease in its size.
  • Finishing: Finishing is a process that adds a protective coating to the metal surface.

As the use of metal parts and components expand, so too does the demand for sheet metal fabrication manufacturers. Sheet metal fabrication is a process used to convert metal sheets into components or products by cutting, bending, and assembling. Sheet metal fabrication is used in the construction of aircraft, ships, automobiles, and industrial machines. Sheet metal fabrication is also used in the production of large and small appliances, furniture and architectural structures.

Below are the best 5 sheet metal fabrication manufacturers:

1, Tenral


Tenral is a leading metal stamping company based in China with an extensive array of cutting-edge equipment. With presses weighing up to 150 tons and hydraulic presses weighing up to 200 tons, they primarily produce high quality metal parts. In accordance with the ISO9001 standard, their engineers are committed to crafting the best metal stamping product in accordance with the customer’s requirements, quantity, thickness, and production characteristics.

5, Ningbo Yinzhou Sylue Machine Co., Ltd.


By 2018, SYLUE had developed 10000 kinds of parts and finished 5000000 pieces a year. By 2020, it anticipates developing 30000 kinds of parts and finishing 20000000 pieces annually.

The factory occupies 5000 square meters, has CNC machining workshops, casting workshops, stamping workshops, forging workshops, and 25 CNC machines. SYLUE manufactures precision parts through CNC machines, machining centers, stamping machines, and deep drawing machines.

3, Xiamen Qiangsheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.


With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing metal parts and products, Xiangsheng Industry and Trade Co.Ltd is a leading manufacturer of metal parts and products.

Providing one-stop services for all of your projects and reducing customers’ total costs is their goal: With over 30 years of industry experience and a wide range of processing capabilities, they can offer the most economical solutions for customers’ products. Due to the geographical advantage of Xiamen Port and abundant transportation methods, they are able to provide the fastest and most economical delivery services.

4, Dongguan Xinchuan Sheet Metal Co., Ltd.


It was founded on September 9, 2010 and began operating in 2014. In addition to the 9,800 m2 factory area, there are nearly 100 technicians (engineering technology, 3D printing master, CNC machining master, laser cutting master Fu, CNC bending master, rapid prototyping master, quality engineering) with extensive experience, complete equipment, and technical expertise with extensive training. Processed products with precision, quality, and customer satisfaction! For a long time, the company has been training high-quality and innovative professionals, equipped with comprehensive knowledge, excellent communication and cooperation skills, and able to understand deeply and accurately the needs of the customer in terms of product design and production. As a result of rigorous work processes and long-term practical experience, the company has developed the best quality plastic shouban and sheet metal processing services.

5, Xiamen Fuhongzhou Machinery Co., Ltd.


For more than 20 years, FHZ Machinery Co., LTD. has manufactured mechanical products, and is recognized for their persistent development, design machining, 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis CNC turn milling, sheet metal, stamping, laser, bending, precision casting, sand casting, die casting, die casting, forging, and other industries. The sum total is an accumulation of skill, experience, and consummate skill!