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Best 5 Lpg Gas Cylinder Manufacturers from China in 2023


LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gas cylinder is a widely popular fuel choice in households and industries worldwide. It is stored in pressurized cylinders as a liquid and is used for various heating and cooking purposes. The LPG gas cylinder consists of propane or butane gases that offer high combustion efficiency with low greenhouse gas emissions. It is an affordable and readily available source of energy, making it a favorite among consumers.

The design of the LPG gas cylinder has undergone several revamps over the years to increase safety standards. The current cylinders have a compact and lightweight structure with a valve attachment that ensures a safe and secure connection to the main gas supply system or stove. Cylinders are tested and certified before installation, ensuring that they feature a pressure relief valve to release excess gas in case of any malfunctions.

The versatility of LPG gas also makes it a preferred choice in the industrial sector for powering equipment such as forklifts, generators, and dryers. The easy-to-install, flexible nature of LPG gas cylinders enables them to adapt easily to different work environments. Additionally, they do not produce significant pollutants, which produces fewer emissions leading to cleaner air for ail quality.

Overall, the LPG gas cylinder is a cost-effective and reliable source of fuel that provides solutions for both household and industrial needs while promoting environmental consciousness. Its popularity and widespread adoption is a testament to its efficiency and ease of use, cementing its position as one of the top choices for energy sources in the world.

Below are the best 5 lpg gas cylinder manufacturers from china in 2023:

1, Glbcylinder


Located in Ditang Street, Yuyao, Ningbo, Ningbo Global Hardware Co., Ltd. produces LPG cylinders for export. Their advanced production equipment and technology enable them to produce cylinders of high quality. They export their steel cylinders mainly to foreign countries, including Ghana, Mali, Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Angola, Gabon, Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Tanzania, Eritrea, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Haiti in South America, Dominica, Mexico, and Haiti in South America. Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines are also in Asia, and Yemen and Iraq are in the Middle East.

2, Bina (Shanghai) Gas Cylinder Co., Ltd.


As a group company focused on the production of gas cylinders for over 20 years, Bina(Shanghai) Gas Cylinder Co.,Ltd. is the largest supplier of gas cylinders in China and member of the Professional Committee of Chinese LPG Cylinders Formulate.They manufacture all kinds of steel household LPG cylinders ranging from 3kg to 50kg, which have been mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.

3, Tianjin Talents International Trade Co., Ltd.


In 1995, Tianjin Talents International Trade Co., Ltd. was registered in Tianjin, China. Since then, they have been supplying telescopic masts and poles, gas cylinders, fiberglass cable rodders, musical instruments, fitness and bodybuilding equipment to overseas markets. With its outstanding achievements and frequent business relationships with many enterprises in Europe, America, Australasia and Asia, Talents has built an excellent commercial reputation in the field of international trade. They have accepted Talents as a reliable and trustworthy cooperative partner by their customers.

4, Jiangsu Minsheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.


In 1966, Jiangsu Minsheng Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gas cylinders, valves, regulators and pressure vessels, was founded, and in 1976 became the first batch to design and manufacture units of LPG cylinders in the world. More than ten visits have been made by leaders of the Chinese National Party to the company. .

5, Linyi Lishan Mechanical Group Co.,ltd.


As a key enterprise specializing in welding and cutting equipment, high-pressure gas cylinders and valves, and gas regulators, Li Shan Mechanical Group Co.,ltd. Was established in 2009 in Linyi City, Shandong Province. Among the main products of the company are dissolving acetylene cylinders, propane cylinders, cylinder valves, high-pressure valves, gas pipeline valves, and gas regulators. There are more than 10 product series and 100 variations. These are widely used in chemical, hospital metallurgy, hydropower, coal machinery, and other industries.