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Best 5 Jewelry Charm Manufacturers in 2023


What is a jewellery charm?

A jewellery charm is a decorative object that is attached to a piece of jewellery. It usually has ameaningful symbolism or message, and can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Charm jewellery making supplies includes items such as pendants, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.

What are the types of Jewelry charms?

There are many types of jewellery charms available to choose from.

  • Animal Charms: These include figures of various animals, such as cats, dogs, birds and more.
  • Religious Charms: These can range from Christian and Jewish symbols to Buddist and Hindu symbols.
  • Fashion Charms: These vary based on what is in fashion at the time, and commonly come in cute designs such as as hearts, stars, or peace signs.
  • Initial Charms: These represent the user’s initials or those of a loved one, usually crafted in gold or silver.
  • Hobby Charms: These relate to hobbies such as art, music, sports, and other activities. They often come in unique and interesting designs.

What is the difference between a pendant and a charm?

The main difference between a pendant and a charm is the way they are worn. A pendant is typically hung from a necklace or other jewelry accessory, while a charm is usually attached directly to a bracelet or piece of clothing.

Best 5 Jewelry Charm Manufacturers in 2023

1, Pandahall


The PandaHall online marketplace offers small, high-quality goods made in factories all over the world. The company offers a wide variety of products, such as jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystal items, and more. As Squaretrade Verified Sellers, they offer jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystal items, among others. PandaHall offers jewelry manufacturers and retailers a variety of solutions based on their needs.

A number of product management functions associated with PandaHall’s international products are handled by the PandaHall Logistics Center. The center handles several functions associated with product management, such as purchasing, storing, sorting, tally, distribution, inverting, loading, and shipping.

2, Artbeads


Take a look at the beautiful collection of finely crafted charms and pendants they offer that features a wide range of shapes, themes, and materials. It is a great idea to add charms to jewelry designs to create a sentimental gift for friends and loved ones or to spread wonderful news such as important milestones in your own life through charms. In general, their pendants are generally focal pieces that will really enhance your necklace when incorporated into it. Start with a pendant and create an entire design around it, or look for the perfect pendant to match the beads you already have. It is their aim to provide you with the finest selection of charms and pendants for any jewelry-making needs you may have, ranging from artisan treasures and sterling silver stunners to handmade beauties and much more.

3, Jewelrysupply


The store stocks a large selection of Charms and Pendants, available in a variety of metals, including cast pewter charms, sterling silver pendants, gold filled pendants, base metal pendants, and many more. It is their pleasure to carry the TierraCast line of charms, known for their quality and selection of charms. is the place for you to purchase Charms and Pendants for your next bracelet or jewelry design!

4, Charmnjewelry


There is no doubt that Charm n Jewelry – Registered Trademark No, 4,536,685 – is world renowned for its stunning collection of Rembrandt Charms, which feature thousands of different styles and high quality. As a result of our commitment to providing five different types of charms, we have earned the title The World’s Largest Charm Collection: sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white gold.

5, Charmdiamondcentres


They began Charm Diamond Centres in 1972 by Richard Calder, who was passionate about jewellery and celebrating love. Their first store, specializing in charms and fine jewellery, opened in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and has grown to more than 60 across the country. Charm is Canada’s largest independent and family-owned jeweller to this day.