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Best 5 gift card traders in Nigeria 2023


You can sometimes use gift cards to pay online instead of using credit or debit cards because they are prepaid debit cards with funds loaded in them. You can sell gift cards for cash, bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in this part of the world if you own one of those platforms that trade gift cards. If you’re selling your gift cards on unreliable websites and apps, you can make a huge loss. That’s why we’ve compiled these reliable Android apps to facilitate your gift card trade.

There’s no way to recover lost gift cards, and you can only lose them when you get ripped off by someone who claims to buy them but never actually does so. Gift cards are very easy to lose, and once you lose one, there’s no way to recover it, and you can only lose them when you get scammed by someone who claims to sell them but never actually does.

Despite the fact that gift cards are very common online in Nigeria, victims are unable to recover them when that happens. It is possible to trade gift cards without losing them to scammers. Giftngpay has made sure that the process is as smooth and fast as possible. You can start trading your gift cards (Steam Wallet, Google Play, eBay, iTunes, Amazon) through their platform by clicking the button below.

List of the Best gift card traders in Nigeria 2023

1, Giftngpay


Giftpay’s team is comprised of professionals who specialize in recycling gift cards, so they are able to do so effectively and quickly. A combination of scientific methods and professional approaches is used to offer the best price for gift card transactions and to provide the best platform for doing so.

For Gingpay, it is a number one priority to provide Africa with a reliable and a safe trading platform which will allow Africans to trade with Google. As the company is more concerned about contributing to the growth of Africa’s economy than maximizing its own profits, its primary objective is to enhance the growth of Africa’s economy.

2, Snappyexchange


Among the best apps to trade gift cards in Nigeria, SnappyExchange is one of the best. Since SnappyExchnage was founded in June 2020, and since then has purchased thousands of gift cards, people have been able to sell their gift cards and bitcoins for cash without having to go through the hassle of actually selling them on Facebook or through classified ads.

SnappyExchnage has gained popularity not only in Nigeria, but is now available in Ghana as a result of their outstanding services. The Snappyexchange platform is now available in Ghana, where you can also trade your gift cards. You will always thank SnappyExchnage for its over 30,000 active traders.

3, Cardncash


The best way to trade your gift cards for cash or bitcoin without losing them is to use CardnCash. They have some of the best rates and want you to know that your cards will not be used to make the transaction. They have a secured platform where your cards will not be used during the transaction.

CardnCash is an Android application for selling gift cards in Nigeria that accepts many different currencies, and you’ll get paid instantly if you sell any card in that currency, in addition to having a friendly user interface and excellent customer support.

4, Mypatricia


It might seem scary at first to read the reviews of Patricia on Google Play, so there are a lot of negative comments that will make you run away from using the app. However, I have used it once and I can say it isn’t as bad as people have made it out to be. There is no better way to sell gift cards than Patricia and get paid in Naira or Bitcoin.

You can trust Patricia to take care of your gift cards at any time, any day, as they are one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria. They are secure and the customer support is also great.

5, Cardtonic


In Nigeria, it is now easier than ever to sell gift cards as well as bitcoins with Cardtonic. Using this app, you can sell your gift cards and bitcoins very quickly and receive your payment in Naira almost instantly without any sort of delay. There are some good rates available on the different gift cards that Cardtonic buys, and almost every popular gift card is bought by Cardtonic.

Cardtonic is a reliable platform, and their application has a very nice interface that will make it very easy for you to trade easily without experiencing any difficulties with it at all. There are some good Android apps you can use to sell gift cards in Nigeria, but if you’re looking for the best Android app for selling gift cards, then you should definitely check out Cardtonic.