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Best 5 Custom Coffee Packaging Suppliers


The packaging is crucial in communicating the spirit of your brand in the world of specialty coffee, where each bean has a story to tell and every cup is a carefully created experience. Presenting Custom coffee bags—a blank canvas on which you may showcase the distinction and excellence of your mix. These bags become a tactile and visual extension of your business identity, serving as more than just a container. Custom coffee bags offer a customized packaging solution that not only keeps the freshness of your coffee but also conveys the love and effort that goes into each brew, from selecting the material and design to adding your logo and messaging. Custom coffee bags are the ideal way to get attention in this vibrant and competitive coffee market, where style and usefulness combine.

Custom packaging that fits your product

Give beauty to the product

Packaging that is specifically designed to fit your product will enhance its beauty. Custom packaging allows you to design special boxes of different dimensions for all your products. A beautiful Custom coffee bag designed especially for it will enhance its beauty for the buyer. The bag with your logo and special theme motive will encourage buyers to buy your product.

Save the product from damage

The custom coffee bag that is airtight also provides more safety to coffee that gets moisture from the environment. These special packaging bags help to keep coffee fresh for a longer period of time due to their seal pack quality. The buyer will wish to buy your coffee again when they enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee every time they open the bag and when the cup of that fresh coffee makes their evenings more joyful.

In conclusion, Custom coffee bags are perfect to present your brand of coffee and keep it flavorful for a longer time. There are many coffee bag wholesalers that provide you the option of customization of coffee bags.

Here are the Best 5 Custom Coffee Packaging Suppliers we have searched for you.

1, Guangdong Bowe Packaging Co.


As a frontrunner in flexible packaging manufacturing catering to the food, daily products, and chemicals industry, BOWE PACK has adeptly provided customized solutions in the form of flexible packaging bags and films to both large and small brands for more than 25 years, showcasing profound expertise and experience. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, BOWE PACK has attained widespread global industry coverage through its established plants and marketing offices in Guangdong, China. Here, a mature flexible packaging industrial park stands testament to the company’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions and excellence in the field.

2, MTPakCoffee


Founded in 2016 by Mark Zhou in Shanghai, MT Packaging, now known as MTPak Coffee, was born out of a deep appreciation for the specialty coffee industry’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. Zhou’s vision was to provide top-tier custom printed coffee bags crafted from recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable materials. Over the subsequent years, MTPak Coffee’s influence expanded globally, establishing local representatives across Europe, North America, Australasia, Asia, and the Middle East.

In 2019, the company experienced significant growth, scaling its facilities and services. Presently, MTPak Coffee offers a comprehensive range of coffee pouches and bags, including drip filter coffee bags, packaging labels, takeaway cups, boxes, and more. Notably, they provide a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) for both recyclable and traditional options, emphasizing their commitment to flexibility and sustainability in the coffee packaging industry.

Stand up pouch

Paper cup sleeve

3, CarePac


CarePac, a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Southern California, specializes exclusively in flexible barrier packaging, including bags and pouches. Distinguished by its commitment to delivering exceptional products and services, CarePac sets itself apart in the industry by offering deeper knowledge, an extensive product selection, and a commitment to higher quality service compared to competitors. With a focus on flexible barrier packaging, the company brings a dedicated and personalized approach to meet the unique needs of its clientele.

Square Bottom

Side Gusseted

4, Packhelp


Ever contemplated the masterminds behind the captivating unboxing experiences provided by brands? Enter Packhelp. Comprising an international team of 250 professionals, Packhelp is the driving force behind the scenes, assisting over 50,000 companies throughout Europe. With a mission to evolve into a leading global packaging marketplace, Packhelp is dedicated to elevating the unboxing journey and ensuring brands deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

Stand UP Pouch with Label

Compostable Doypacks

5, Roastar, Inc.


Roastar operates under the belief that small businesses have the potential to exude a substantial presence. Whether it’s coffee, cannabis, pet treats, or specialty foods, Roastar is dedicated to assisting in the packaging of diverse products. As trailblazers in the custom product packaging industry, Roastar stands out as one of the few in the country equipped for digital pouch printing. Recognizing the distinctive needs of small businesses, the company offers short runs and swift turnaround times, fostering agility. With an understanding of the value of time, Roastar ensures a seamless and straightforward ordering process for its clientele.

Stand up pouch

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