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Best 5 Crossdressing Bodysuits Online Retailers


Bodysuits for crossdressers are specialized undergarments designed to help create a more feminine silhouette. They are typically made from stretchy, form-fitting materials such as spandex or nylon and come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit the wearer’s body. These bodysuits often feature compression technology that can smooth out the figure, enhance curves, and provide support where needed. Bodysuits for crossdressers may also include features such as padded bras or hips, adjustable straps, and different types of closures like hooks and eyes, zippers, or snaps. The main purpose of a crossdressing bodysuit is to help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their chosen gender expression by providing shapewear that affirms and accentuates their desired physical attributes.

Types of Crossdressing Bodysuits

There are various types of crossdressing bodysuits available in the market, designed to suit different purposes and body types. Here are a few examples:

  • Full-body Bodysuits: These are one-piece undergarments that cover the entire body, from the neck down to the thighs or ankles. They come in different styles such as sleeveless, short sleeves, or long sleeves, and some even feature a built-in bra for added support.
  • Panty Bodysuits: These bodysuits are designed to look like a typical pair of women’s panties but with added coverage that extends up to the waist or midriff. They may have features such as high waistbands, tummy control panels, and removable straps.
  • Corset Bodysuits: Similar to traditional corsets, these bodysuits provide additional compression and shaping around the midsection. They may have lace-up or hook-and-eye closures at the back to adjust the level of tightness.
  • Hip and Butt Padded Bodysuits: These bodysuits feature padding in the hip and butt areas to create more feminine curves. They can be worn underneath clothing or on their own as lingerie.
  • Shaping Bodysuits: These are designed to smooth out the wearer’s curves, providing a slimmer appearance without adding any extra padding or compression. They may have features such as adjustable straps, seamless designs, and varying levels of compression.

Considerations When Choosing a Crossdressing Bodysuit

When choosing a crossdressing bodysuit, it’s important to consider the size and fit to ensure support and shaping. Choose a style based on your purpose, such as padding, compression or shaping. Material, like nylon spandex or cotton blends, should be comfortable, breathable and durable. Next, consider closure types such as zippers, hook-and-eye closures, or snap buttons. Color and design should suit your style and wardrobe. Finally, research reputable brands with positive reviews from other crossdressers who have used the product before you make a purchase.

Crossdressing bodysuits are a popular item for many individuals looking to achieve a more feminine silhouette. With the rise of online shopping, it’s easier than ever to find quality crossdressing bodysuits from the comfort of your own home. Here are five online retailers that are known for providing some of the best crossdressing bodysuits available:

1, Thecrossdresserstore


The Crossdresser Store is the market leader providing the best quality crossdressing products. In The Crossdresser Store, you’ll find a wide range of crossdresser and transgender products. They believe in an almost corporate experience for their customers, while keeping things a little bit naughty too! Keeping costs low allows them to keep your final price low. They are proud to be an “online only” store, so you can bring fun to your sexy life with new ways to display. The items are typically shipped in discreet cartons or bags that have been pre-paid.

Silicone Full Bodysuit Crossdresser Bodysuits 

Silicone Full Bodysuit Crossdresser Bodysuits

2, Xdress


For men who enjoy wearing women’s underwear, Xdress provides a range of lingerie and underwear. For those who like to crossdress and are looking for something different from mainstream brands, their products are aimed at providing comfort and style. They offer a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to suit any taste.



3, Enfemmestyle


There is an extensive range of products that En Femme offers exclusively for male-to-female clients. En Femme’s products are primarily clothing, accessories, shapewear, lingerie, and accessories that are designed with specific body shapes in mind. One of the most outstanding features of En Femme is their sizing inclusivity, which caters from small to 4X, providing customers with high-end products that are meant to last for years to come. They have a strong emphasis on quality and luxury, providing customers with high-end products that are meant to last.


Uber Soft Ava Bodysuit

4,  Glamourboutique


Crossdresser store Glamour Boutique is among the most reputable and established online stores for crossdressers. They offer a wide range of products from clothing to lingerie, wigs, makeup, shoes, and even breast forms. Customers will find it very easy to find what they are looking for on their website since it is easy to navigate. As the numerous positive reviews on Glamour Boutique’s website indicate, they are known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Silicone Crossdresser Body Suit

Full Torso Breast Plate

5, Thebreastformstore


It is no secret that The Breast Form Store provides a wide variety of breast-related products for men to women, as its name suggests. They offer a wide variety of breast forms, bras, and accessories that are designed to make women look more feminine. In addition to clothing, wigs, and makeup, they also serve as a one-stop shop for crossdressers.

Gold Seal NAKED Silicone Breastplate

Gold Seal NAKED Queen Crop Top Silicone Breastplate