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The green pure original oud oil has taken the world to the next level. It has many great applications in the industry. One of them is, it is used by the world-class perfumeries. It is being used there is a fixative. Moreover, it is highly rated in Europe. The European perfumers use agarwood for blending their best scent products. Agarwood oil leaves deep, heavy, mesmerizing, leathery, woody notes, warm, spicy, balsamic notes to the perfumes.

Talking about the west side of the world, oud in the perfumery is something new and mesmerizing. On the other hand, for the people living on the east side, oud in the perfumes is something like in their history as well as culture.

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Oud is also known as agarwood, eaglewood, aloe wood, and gaharu. Generally, the oud wood is found in the tropical evergreen tree which is known as the agar tree. The agar tree belongs to the Aquilaria species. It has been said that Aquilaria species is originated from Assam, India. The agar tree holds the virtues of fifteen different species of trees. It is also known as lign-aloes, lign aloes, in the Thymelaeaceae. The Thymelaeaceae is now native to Southeast Asia. Generally, they are found in the rainforests of places which include Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Northeast India, Borneo, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, and New Guinea.

When the fungi attack the heartwood of this tree, then the tree defends itself by releasing a kind of resin thing. This resin which is present inside the tree helps in the formation of resinous heartwood. This heartwood is known as oud.

Oud is being used in various places around the world. For example, India, Japan, China, and other Asian countries as well. The oud oil manufacturers in these countries are using oud wood from hundreds of years in the form of incense which is burnt in homes. Along with the houses, it was also used at the royal palaces, worship places, and get together places of families. Moreover, oud wood was also used when a new baby is born and also at the funeral of an individual.

Talking about oud oil, it is distilled from the oud. This distilled oud has been used in the form of perfume. It is not necessary that only distilled oud can be used in the form of perfume. Oud in its blended form, as well as raw form, can be used as well. Many times, the oud is mixed with several natural perfume ingredients such as sandalwood, saffron, musk, and amber. Oud is said as the oldest material which is utilized in the perfumeries. Along with this, oud is known as one of the most expensive materials for the perfumeries.


Coming to India, the agar trees are generally found in the northeastern areas of India like Mizoram, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Tripura. They grow naturally there. Moreover, Meghalaya comes with another type of agar tree i.e. Aquilaria Khasiana. But sadly, this tree is now extinct now. Coming back to Assam, agar trees are also known as Sanchi and Xasi there. In Assam, the agar tree is classified into two types i.e Bhola Sanchi and Jati Sanchi. Bhola Sanchi tree is said to be grown quickly as compared to the Jati Sanchi. But when it comes to yield, Jati Sanchi tree wins the battle. Moreover, the Jati Sanchi tree is more preferred for commercial uses.

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The organic plantation is always said to be more effective. That’s why the agar trees are also cultivated organically in Assam. Along with Assam, the regions of the western coast of India which are Kerala, Gujarat, and Maharashtra follow the same. This is so because in such states the climate as well as soil, both are conducive for the growth of agar trees.

The average height of an agar tree is 21 meters and its girth is around 1.5 to 2.5 meters. The stem of the agar trees is generally fluted and straight. The agar trees like more humidity as well as a subtropical climate with a rainfall of approximately 1800-3500 per year. Moreover, it grows up to 500 meters from the sea level. Agar trees are also called sun-loving plants. These trees require more and more sunshine. It has been said that agar trees grow well in the forest environment as well as hill slopes.

The areas where agar trees were used to grow earlier shows that these trees require an acidic soil reaction. Several beneficial fungi along with the mycorrhiza are the ones that facilitate the oil formation in the agar trees. The agar trees require acidic solid reaction because they are soil-borne. That’s why they require acidic soil for building-up their population.

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